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      Dedicated to my Lord Jesus Christ and my wonderful wife and best friend, Susie, without whose support this site and the years of work involved could not have been accomplished.

      The following notes are the personal notes of  Bro. Sonny Stephens, minister and Bible teacher;  retired Director of Technology/math/computer/physics teacher.

Notes On The Holy Spirit by Bro. Frank Dearing {Used by permission.}

For all those who know in their heart that the King James Version is the best translation ever compiled, but sometimes have difficulty understanding sixteenth/seventeenth century English.


{Updated January 4, 2019}

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     The above graphic is a symbol I've used on various occasions since my high school years. The symbol consists of a circle for the everlasting God, Who was, and is, and is to be. The star of David represents the fact that the Messiah, the savior of the world was descended from the tribe of Judah and a descendant of David. The cross represents the price Jesus paid at Calvary for the sins of the world and the flame represents the Holy Spirit, our "foretaste" of heaven and Who lives in all of those who are believers.

      I take no credit for the notes presented here. They are an accumulation of notes I have gathered together over the years from many sources. I have tried to give references for the notes to which I know the source. Most of these notes began as notes used in a study of the Revelation which I have taught numerous times since 1980 and a study of Genesis which I have also taught several times through the years.  Most of the 'Inspirational /Things to Think About' are works that Susie has collected for me through the years from emails sent to her. 

     While these notes have come from numerous sources through many years of research, I'd certainly be remiss if I did not give a special note of appreciation for professor Arthur M. Smith of College Station, Texas and to the Aggie Bible Association for sponsoring his ministry and teaching during my years at Texas A&M University.  It was through his tutelage that a seed was planted giving me a profound appreciation for the meticulous detailed accuracy of the scriptures.  He was once asked whether he was ever bothered by people getting 'knit-picky' with the scriptures.  His response was, "No, because when people get seriously 'knit-picky' with the scriptures, they'll come out believers every time!"  To that, I would say a loud "AMEN" and "Blessed is the the Name of the Lord for revealing such things to mortal men."    Although I've come a long way with the mathematics and computer analysis of scripture since those days, I've also reached another conclusion: Facts and figures will never convince anyone of the truth of God's word.  People who refuse to believe, do so, not because of some supposed factual errors or  problems with scripture, but because they don't want to believe in a Creator who will hold them accountable for the lives they live.  Facts and figures are good to strengthen the faith of believers, but will never bring anyone to the Lord until he/she is willing to submit to Him and His authority.

The primary goals of all of these studies are four-fold:
   1)To help each of us draw closer in love to our heavenly Father and His only Son, our Lord Jesus Christ  
   2)To give us confidence in our salvation through Jesus Christ
   3)Faith and trust that our Lord is in complete control
   4)That every single letter and word of scripture is important and all will be fulfilled.

     It is my conviction that every letter of the Hebrew Old Testament and every letter of the Greek New Testament is significant and without error of any form. Both the Hebrew Old Testament and the Greek New Testament are historically, scientifically, and mathematically accurate in every detail. The notes presented in these pages are by their very nature non-denominational. While I personally am a member of the Southern Baptist denomination, I am absolutely convinced that there are faithful, and unfaithful in every denomination, and that in fact denominationalism itself is an apostasy clearly condemned in scripture {I Cor. 1:10f}. There is only One basis for salvation, and that is a personal commitment to Jesus as your  Lord and Savior.

As Romans 10:9 states:
            "If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord,
             and believe in your heart God raised Him from the dead,
             you shall be saved."

There is only one true Church, and it consists of those of all denominations who have made a genuine commitment to Jesus Christ {commitment does not mean to walk a church aisle, it means to sincerely try to live for the Lord}.  There is also a false church, which consists of those of all denominations who claim that they are Christians, but who have never made a genuine commitment to Jesus.  Jesus said that they will be known by the fruit they bear.  A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit.  Biblical evidences of salvation are given in the section entitled:  Holiness of Living .
To know the difference between "good" fruit and "bad" fruit requires a knowledge of scripture, because it is God, and God alone Who has the RIGHT to say what is "good" and what is "bad."

Questions regarding these notes may be addressed to:

Bro. Sonny Stephens     <><         Hope to see you on the other side!!!
email:    sonny@thewordnotes.com
website at:     http://www.TheWordNotes.com

Bible NotesTable of Contents

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     Sovereign Grace Publishers:  http://www.sgpbooks.com
     AV Publications:  New Age Bible Versions
     Chick Publications:  What's Missing from Your Bible

                                          First Amendment  by Rev. J.W. White Jr. {Used by permission.}

History Not Taught In Schools - David Barton Capitol Tour [Website:  http://stg.do/Iwpe]

Part  A  Having A Personal Relationship With the Lord
  A-1  How To Become A Christian 
A-2  Assurance For Believers  
A-3  Holiness of Living-- Evidences Of Salvation 
A-4  All of God's Promises Aren't For Everyone
A-5  Holy Bible vs New Age Bibles   {updated July, 2018}
  A-6  Examples of Missing Words and Verses of Scripture in Modern Translations

Part B Mathematics and The Bible
              Why study numbers and codes in Scripture? --  My best answer is -- because God put them
           there and 
He doesn't make mistakes.  He wouldn't have put them there unless they were
           important. Those who are 
willing to take the time and the effort to study God's use of
           numbers and codes will receive a blessing for 
taking the time and the effort to do so.

    B-1      Use of Numbers In Scripture  {Signature of God}
    B-2      Interesting Biblical Number Facts
    B-3      Interesting Number Facts In Nature
    B-4      Numerical Values of Hebrew & Greek Letters  
    B-5      Equidistant Letter Sequences [ELS] {Bible Codes} {Signature of God #2}
Numbers Presentation  .odp   .ppt    .pdf
    B-6   Examples of ELS Bible Codes    Example of ELS {Bible Code} Matrix

Isaac Newton Bible Code Research SocietyCodes In The Bible Website

 B-7       World Time Line of Biblical History  [Normal full size pages in .pdf format]   .doc format    .odt format
              World Time Line Of Biblical History   {Small so that it will fit in most Bibles 5"x7"}      .doc format       .odt format
    World Time Line Presentation   Open Office Presenter  .odp       MS PowerPoint .ppt     Acrobat Reader  .pdf    {updated 10/1/17}    
   B-8   Brief Chronology based on World Time Line of Biblical History

Part C Common Science Questions
  C-1  Possible Dinosaurs In The Bible
  C-2  The Great Ice Age and Global Warming  
  C-3  Brief Summary Of Scientific Evidence Against Evolution
    C-4  How Old Is The Earth? {Geochronology and Radiometric Dating}  
C-5  How Long Was A Day In Genesis? 
    C-6  Musical Planets by Dr. Larry Mitcham {used by permission}
  C-7    The Heavens Declare The Glory of God -- God's Plan of Redemption in the Stars    
    C-8     The Earth Was Warming Before Global Warming Was Cool   by Pete Du Pont
               from the National  Center for Policy Analysis  --  National Center for Policy Analysis

  Sites of  Scientific Evidences

Science Against Evolution
Creation Evidences Museum Institute for Creation Research

Creation.com The Shroud of Turin Answers In Genesis Ark of The Covenant Found
and other Videos about Israel
 and the Bible

Part D  Notes On Genesis
     D-1     Introduction to the Study of Genesis
     D-2     Authors of Genesis {According to Genesis}
     D-3     Angels
     D-4  Do Animals Have Souls?  
                  {See Also World Time Line of Biblical History above}
    D-5   How Long Was Israel in Egypt?  
    D-6   Number of Israelites Who Went to Egypt   

Part E Notes On The Revelation 
     E-1    Introduction to the Study of the Revelation
     E-2    Detailed Outline of  Future Prophesy
     E-3    Seventy Sevens -- The Numbers of Daniel
     E-4    Can Christians Know When The Lord Is Returning?
     E-5    Armageddon and the Millennial Kingdom
     E-6    Time Line Chart        
     E-7    God's Holy Days  A Study of the Revelation (Contains the above E-1  -  E-6 and more in .pdf format)
      E-8   Comparison of Gog Invasions in Ezekiel 38-39 and Revelation

Part F Notes on Matthew
    F-1   The Magi and the Date of Jesus' Birth 
    F-2   Does Isaiah 7:14 Refer to a Virgin?  -  Yes!!!  
    F-3   Genealogy of Jesus
    F-4   Disciples of Jesus
    F-5   Matthew 24 - Luke 21 Comparison
    F-6   Recorded Miracles in the Bible
    F-7   Recorded Parables of Jesus
    F-8   What Day of the Week Was Jesus Crucified? 

Part G  Calendar Information
     G-1    The Prophetic Calendar  
     G-2    The Jewish Calendar
     G-3    Modern Jewish Calendar 5708 C.E., 1948A.D. to 5860 C.E., 2100 A.D. 
     G-4    The Reference Day Calendar / Holy Days -- 1947AD- 2100 AD Explanation  
                       Reference Day Calendar Day Data    {text data for calculations}
     G-5    Computer Analysis of God's Holy Days, The Numbers of Daniel, And The Modern Jewish Calendar 
     G-6   Modern Easter {Gregorian} 1948 - 2100    
     G-7   Seven Year Series {Shemittah - Sabbatical Years}  

     G-8 Holy Days {According to Leviticus 23-25}    

     G-9 Fulfilled Holy Days   


      Companion Scriptures [King James/King James Paraphrase] for Explore The Bible Series of Sunday School Lessons  {updated October, 2018}

      Marriage and Homosexuality
Can a Divorced Man Serve as a Deacon
        What About Tattoos And Body Piercing?
      Scriptures to go with Rick Warren's: What on earth am I here for?   
  If I'm Divorced, Can I Re-Marry?
        Why Do We Worship on Sunday Rather Than The Sabbath?
        Simple Sched 40 PVC Projector Screen


   Part H Inspirational/Things to Think About  {Mostly inspirational emails Susie and I have received through the  years.}

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